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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


We are a class of 20 children. We are very lucky to have lots of adults working with us in year 3.

Our teacher is Miss Savage and our teaching assistant is Mrs Askew.

Mr Barnes teaches us every Wednesday morning and Mrs Sanderson every Wednesday afternoon.

Miss Graham works with us every afternoon too.


If you require any further information or queries, please contact me via Class Dojo or using my email:


Key Information:

  • Our PE days are every Wednesday and Friday. We have a sports coach with us every Friday for this half term. Our topics are multi-skills and gymnastics.
  • Read five times a week to gain your Strive for Five target. Children receive a raffle ticket each time they read at home which they sign and enter into our weekly reading raffle! There are lots of exciting prizes to be won.

Our Curriculum 

We learn through a creative curriculum and we have lots of exciting, purposeful continuous provision opportunities that allow us to develop and grow through memorable, fun activities. Our Learning Challenge topic for this half term is: Did the Stone Age Rock?


The Stone Age is the name given to the earliest period of human culture when stone tools were first used. In Britain, the Stone Age was around 12,000 years ago. Throughout this unit of work, children will explore Stone Age homes, tools and food sources using lots of resources including artefacts and a virtual assembly provided by Tullie House. We will discover how we know about Prehistory from artefacts left behind. Children will have opportunities to construct weapons using natural materials and discover what they would have been used for.


Please have a look through our curriculum map (below). This outlines our core topics for the year. 

We will keep you updated with your child's learning throughout the year via. Earwig, Class DOJO and parents meetings. 

Strive 4 Five!

In Year 3, we are all 'Reading Rockets'. We aim to read at least 5 times per week and are rewarded for our efforts with raffle tickets. These are entered into a weekly draw and children can win some brilliant prizes! 

Year 3 children will bring home 2 reading books. One book will directly match their current reading ability, and the other an Accelerated Reading book. Accelerated Reading books are used to help develop your child's comprehension skills and your child will sit regular (informal) online 'quizzes' to assess their comprehension of the story. 


Earwig and Class DOJO

Please access your child's Earwig and class DOJO page regularly for updates on, and photos capturing, their year 3 learning journey. 

If you have difficulty in accessing either of these, please let Miss Savage or the school office know and we will help you with this. 

Class Councillors

Year 3 would like to introduce our Class Councillors for the year... Tahlia and Baiden.

Our Class Councillors were nominated into their position by their class friends. They will attend annual whole school councillor meetings with Mrs Kellett to discuss some very important issues and will report back to their class with their outcomes.