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DistingtonCommunity School

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Who's Who

Head Teacher - Miss A Quirk


Deputy Head Teacher - Mr C. Barnes 


Nursery Manager - Miss R. Quarry

EYFS Teacher - Mr C. Barnes

Year 1/2 Teacher - Miss L. Savage

Year 3/4 Teacher - Mr S. Bragg

Year 5 Teacher - Mrs C. Sanderson

Year 6 Teacher - Mrs F. Rao

Part Time Teacher - Mrs K. Slater-Dudding

Maternity Leave - Miss D.Seager / Miss RL. Johnston


Senior Teaching Assistant - Mrs N. Boyd (EYFS)

Senior Teaching Assistant - Mrs J. Kellet (Y1/2)

Senior Teaching Assistant - Miss K. Ray (Y1/2)

Senior Teaching Assistant- Mrs M. Crichton (Y3/4)

Senior Teaching Assistant - Mrs D. Norman (Y5)

Senior Teaching Assistant- Mrs E. Stamper (Y6)

Teaching Assistant- Miss C. Prothero (Nursery)



School Administrator - Mrs J. Hughes


School Cleaners - Mr D. Johnston, Mrs C. Farr and Mrs M. Richardson


School Midday Supervisors - Mrs C. Farr, Mrs J Hoggarth and Mrs M. Richardson


Orian Staff - Cook - Mrs C. Bell


Co-ordinator Duties:

Assessment, Curriculum, LAC and Safeguarding - Miss A. Quirk

Assessment, Safeguarding, EVC, EH, Curriculum, Reading, Phonics, NQT's and Website - Mr C. Barnes

KS1, Safeguarding, Writing, Geography and Art - Miss L. Savage

SENCO, EAL, Pupil Premium and Maths - Mrs C. Sanderson

Maths, Family Learning, Britsh Values, RE, PSHE and SMSC - Miss RL. Johnston

KS2, Science, Computing, History, and PE - Mr S. Bragg

EYFS, DT, Science and Music - Miss D. Seager

MFL - Mrs F. Rao