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Textiles- Egyptian Usekh /Wesekh collars

Year 3 Textiles: Egyptian collars


Having learnt the basics of sewing and decorating fabric in key stage one, this unit built upon the children’s repertoire by introducing two new skills: cross-stitch and appliqué. After learning these techniques, the children applied their knowledge to the design, decoration and assembly of their very own Egyptian Usekh /Wesekh collars to represent their unique personalities.


Key skills learnt throughout our Textiles unit:


  • Designing and making a template for an Eygptian collar and applying individual design criteria.
  • Following their design criteria to create an Egyptian collar.
  • Selecting and cutting fabrics with ease using fabric scissors.
  • Threading needles with greater independence.
  • Tying knots with greater independence.
  • Sewing cross stitch to decorate or join fabric.
  • Decorating fabric using appliqué, beads (or other embellishments), ribbon and pinking scissors.
  • Evaluating an end product.


We had lots of fun and overcome lots of challenges. We found threading cotton through the eye of the needle a challenge along with tying knots but with lots of practice we succeeded.