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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 class page!

We are a class of 17 children. Our teachers are Mrs Sanderson and Mrs Dudding and our teaching assistant is Mrs Norman.



Key Information:

  • Our PE day is every TUESDAY.
  • Homework will be given out every TUESDAY and it is to be returned the following FRIDAY.
  • Read five times a week to gain your Strive for Five target - reading records will be checked daily so please make sure you sign your child's record once they have read. 
  • Snack money will be £1 per week. 


This term we will be very busy learning all about where we live and why it is importance to be proud of our community; we will be studying the book Holes by Louis Sachar and looking at North America then we will end the term by studying the rainforests around the world with a key focus on the Amazon Rainforest. 


Keep checking back here for updates and pictures of our work! 

Making Apple Crumble - we picked apples from the tree in our playground then researched a recipe. We made the crumble practicing our peeling, cutting and mixing skills. We then wrote the method upon our English books before we finally ate the delicious crumble!


Vocabulary is a key focus this year. We will be doing lots of searching and investigating new words throughout the year to improve our language skills and understanding and writing skills. 


Here we worked as a table group to organise adjectives into positive and negative language and used a dictionary to define any unfamiliar words. 

PE - this term we have been studying gymnastics and have enjoyed practicing our balancing skills. 

Fruit tasting 

As part of our topic 'The rainforest' we have been trying lots of different fruits that grow in the rainforest. Some of the fruit we were already familiar with but others were new to us including the persimmon fruit. See Earwig for more pictures of this session. 

More fun and games from the Autumn term...



Reading is so important to children as it allows them to develop in so many areas - reading skills; listening skills; social skills; developing an imagination and writing skills to name a few. Please try to encourage your child to read as much as possible. Below are some questions to help you when listening and reading to your child. 

Below is some questions which you can ask your child to help to continue to develop their comprehension skills.

Useful resources:


Websites which require logins (these will have been sent home with your child but please email if you have lost these)


Free to use website (some may require you to sign up)