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Year 1/2

Welcome to the Year 1 & 2 class page!

Dear Year 1 and 2 parents and children, 


I hope you have all been enjoying the beautiful weather and keeping yourselves safe. Please continue to email me if you would like any support with the online learning activities set or have any questions.


I will continue to update this page on a weekly basis with new tasks to be completed at home. Below is also a list of links to useful websites that can help you continue your child's learning.


I hope you are all staying safe and I want to reassure you that I am here if you need any help or support regarding your child's learning during these times. Please feel free to contact me via email at any time if you wish to discuss their progress or if you have any problems accessing any of the links and resources.


If your children have done something that they are very proud of or would like to share with me, I would be very interested to see this. Please take a photograph and this can be emailed to me.

I look forward to seeing what they have been up to.  


My email address is -


Miss Savage

Please follow the link and select the appropriate year group to find daily lessons specific to your child's year group.

Useful links and Websites


PhonicsPlay - Username: march20     Password: home


Mathletics -


Education City -


Twinkl - 



BBC bitesize -

Online Learning



Please access Education City using your log in details to find this weeks home learning tasks.


Tips for reading with your child at home:


When you read with your child try to:


  • express the emotion in the story
  • give colour to the characters using voices, tone and pace
  • discuss the things you are reading
  • explain any new words and ask your child to say them out loud

You can make a story more interesting and help your child develop their understanding of a book by linking what you are reading to real life. For example, while reading about Cinderella going to the ball, talk about how a ball is similar to a birthday party.


Ask your child questions about what you are reading as you go. For example:


  • ask some questions that only need a short answer, such as what colour something is, or the name of a character
  • ask some questions that need a longer answer, such as how a character is feeling
  • ask them to tell you what has happened in the story so far and what might happen next

Please find below a fantastic writing resource that you can use with your child/ren. Activities include; drawing, writing poems, writing fact files, becoming a mini beast hunter along with reading.

Please find your Covid-19 Time Capsule Pack below.

This lovely pack will be a reminder for the children when they are older about this moment in history. They can share it with their families and friends and recount the time when they could not go to school or play with their friends. A time when we are all staying inside to protect our family and friends. 

Covid-19 Time Capsule Pack

Please use this toolkit to help talk to your child about the current situation of Covid-19. This toolkit enables you to talk about the virus in a child accessible and friendly way.

Additional Home Learning Activities