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Brightstars Project

Over the summer term all of our KS2 children are participating in the Bright Stars Project.  This project links participating schools across Cumbria with local businesses and organisations to learn about leadership, teamwork, management and so many other factors that go into running a successful business or organisation. The aims of the programme are to: Introduce leadership and  entrepreneurship from a young age, raise the aspirations, confidence and self-belief of young people, excite young people about the world of work and provide an understanding of business, encourage and nurture creative thinking and to develop skills in teamwork and leadership from an early age.


The project allows children to take on different roles and responsibilities as well as gaining an incite as to how successful businesses run. We have been paired with Workington Nature Partnership, a local organisation that is responsible for many local public areas such as Harrington Nature reserve.  Employees from the Workington Nature Partnership will work with the children to develop campaigns and ideas about how they can make an impact on something that matters to them. 


Over the coming weeks the children will share their ideas and plans for the project and work collaboratively to develop a campaign that will not only educate children in our school but leave a legacy that can be built upon and enjoyed by all children in our school.


Our project involves the creation of a fantastic outdoor sensory and nature garden within the grounds of our school. The Year 6 children have developed an action plan for its development including how we can fundraise and educate other children and the local community. 


The main aim of the project is to create a magical outdoor space that children can relax and learn away from the normal classroom environment. The children are working hard to develop ideas for the area and how it can best support good mental health and well-being as well as support our local wildlife. 


The Year 6 children have been busy cleaning the area and making it safe and accessible. 

Sponsored Litter Pick


As part of the project the Year 6 children have planned and taken part in a sponsored litter pick around Distington. The have raised over £550 to go towards the development of our sensory / nurture garden. 


They all demonstrated an outstanding attitude and collected lots of rubbish along the way. 


Well Done Year 6!