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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4


Dear Year 4 parents and children, 


I will update this page on a weekly basis with new tasks to be completed at home. Below is also a list of links to useful websites and specific tasks that can help you continue your child's learning. A number of activities have been activated on the 'Education City' and 'Mathletics' websites (links for which can be found below) that are linked to your child's learning. Children do have logins for these online learning platforms, I will check these regularly to see how children have been getting on.


In addition to the home learning activities that I have provided, please ensure that children are exposed to a range of activities during this difficult time, such as: art and crafts, cooking and other family time activities to support their emotional and mental wellbeing


I hope you are all staying safe and I want to reassure you that I am here if you need any help or support regarding your child's learning during these times. Please feel free to contact me via email at any time if you wish to discuss their progress or if you have any problems accessing any of the links and resources. 


If your children have done something that they are very proud of or would like to share with me, I would be very interested to see this. Please take a photograph and this can also be emailed to me. I look forward to seeing what they have been up to. 


My email address is -


Mr Bragg


Scroll down to find a full list of home learning tasks, picture news resources and additional activities.


The Anti-Baddies - Resilience Toolkit


Resources to support children and build up continued Resilience during the current global (coronavirus) situation.

Keeping Active! Keeping Healthy!


During the current global situation it is important to stay active and healthy, see following information and links to support this.


PE with Joe - Daily PE/fitness session by body coach Joe Wicks broadcast daily via his youtube channel 9am to 9:30am. 

Home Workout Booklet - from Wright Sports Services/Chance Camp.


This booklet contains many home work out activities for your children and families to engage with at your leisure.

Useful links and websites


Education City

A number of classroom and homework activities have been enabled for Year 4 children. Log on and work your way through these.


Twinkl has a number of home learning packs available for free to access, which are tailored to each year group.

You can also log in to twinkl to access a wide range of resources and activities for free, using the offer code: PARENTSTWINKLHELPS.

Times Table Rock Stars

Keep practicing times table to develop rapid recall.

Picture 1

Home learning – Week 2


In addition to the home learning activities included below, Year 4 children already have a range of age appropriate times table and spelling activities in the booklets that they have previously been provided with. Other resources and useful websites can be accessed using the useful links at the top of this page.



Education City – English and Maths Activities

All children have login details for Education City. There are a number of English (SPaG) and Maths activities that have been assigned for children to complete, this can be found in the ‘Classwork’ and ‘Homework’ sections. Children to work through these activities during the week.

Picture 1
Picture 2

English – The Whole in the Fence

Using the image below complete the following activities.

Picture 1

Activity 1 - Question time!

If you could take a photograph of the 5 happiest moments of your life so far, what would they show?


What 5 events of your future would you like to take a photograph of?


Activity 2 - Sentence challenge!

Can you make a list of feelings that the boy is experiencing?


E.g. excited curious

Can you then begin a sentence with a feeling?

Curious, the boy peeked through the hole in the fence.


Activity 3 - Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help? Could you add an adverb?


The boy went towards the fence. He looked through the hole. He was excited.


Activity 4 - Perfect picture!

Can you draw what the boy can see through the hole in the fence?


Activity 5 - Story starter!

I was puzzled. Things just kept disappearing from our garden. At first it was just small things, like my toy car, then larger things began to go missing. Dad’s lawnmower vanished. Mum’s favourite plant pot with her favourite plants in. Gone! Just gone!


My parents kept saying that there were thieves on our street. I believed them. Of course I believed them! Why wouldn’t I believe them, they’re my parents?! Sneakily, I got into the habit of looking out of my bedroom window with my camera, in the hope that I would catch a snapshot of the crooks in action.


One afternoon, after I had got in from school and done my homework, I stood at my bedroom window. I was ready. I had my camera in hand. I then watched in amazement and shock as the giant oak tree, that had stood in our garden since before I was born, was dramatically wrenched from the ground by an unseen force. Its great branches and straggling roots and shaking, green leaves began to be pulled towards a hole, the size of a pound coin, in our garden fence. I watched as the tree began to be squeezed, again by this unseen force, through the hole in the fence.


A minute later I was standing with my camera at the ready, peering through the hole in the fence, desperate to find out what had happened to all the things from our garden. Then…I felt it…My eye began to feel as if it was being squeezed. My head felt as if it was being pulled towards the fence. My whole body seemed to be moving. Suddenly…Pop!


Can you continue the story? What was on the other side?

Maths – Fractions Unit (Mathletics)

Children to log on to Mathletics using the login that they already have. A number of online fraction based activities have been assigned for children to work through and complete. Children must complete each section once started, but do not have to do these all at once (spread across each day of the week.)


There are also several games that children can access on Mathletics too.

Picture 1

Computing – Coding

Discovery Education – Online Coding


You will need to select coding from the drop down menu in the top right hand corner, (the children know what to do.)


Username: - student9672

Password: - school

(Password is the same for all children.)


Complete lessons 4 – 6 of Year 4 Starter unit.

Step 1.) Login in – espresso then select Discovery Education/ coding (the top option.)


Step 2.) Year 4 starter Unit


Step 3.) Complete all activities for each lesson (4-6.)

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Art – Romero Britto

Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist, painter, serigrapher and sculptor. He combines elements of cubism, pop art and graffiti painting in his work, using vibrant colours and bold patterns as a visual expression of hope, dreams and happiness.

His works have a very distinctive style and his portraits such as the ones below are eye-catching and colourful.


  1. Find out 5 pieces of information about Romero Britto.
  2. Create your own self portrait in the style of Romero Britto.


Use the link to work through the vocabulary complete activities using links below. Click on vocabulary and listen to spoken Spanish, repeat and practice. At the end of each section test what you know and see your progression.


1.) Revise the ‘essentials.’

Picture 1

2.) Learn colours, revise regularly.

Picture 1

Practice Spanish vocabulary regularly. Can you use this at home?


Extension: You can also find some songs on Youtube which will help you to learn Spanish.

Creative Activity

Create a piece of artwork or a picture that you can display in your front window, to lift the spirits of people who may be out for their daily exercise.

Picture 1
Home Learning Activity Documents

Picture News

Picture News (30th March - 5th April) - Remaining Positive


Explore the picture news resources shown in the images below and visit the recommended weblinks, before having a go at completing the home learning activities which are linked to this. (These can be printed if you wish to.)

Useful Links

Picture News (Remaining Positive) - Home Learning Activities

(Word Document and PDF versions of activities below. These resource are printable if you wish to do so.)