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Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4


Dear Year 4 parents and children, 


I will continue to update this page on a weekly basis with new tasks to be completed at home. Activities, resources, links and supporting documents can be found below and your child's new class teacher for Year 5, Mrs Sanderson will be call you during the week commencing on Monday 13th July.



In addition to the home learning activities that I have provided, please ensure that children are exposed to a range of different activities during this difficult time, such as: art and crafts, sport, gardening, cooking and other family activities to help support their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.


I hope you are all staying safe and I want to reassure you that I am here if you need any help or support regarding your child's learning during these times. Please feel free to contact me via email at any time if you wish to discuss their progress or if you are having any problems accessing any of the home learning links and resources. 


If your children have done something that they are very proud of or would like to share with me, I would be very interested to see this. Please take a photograph and this can also be emailed to me. I look forward to seeing what they have been getting up to. 


My email address is -


Mr Bragg


Scroll down to find a full list of home learning tasks and, picture news resources and additional activities.


Additional useful resources, links and websites can be found at the bottom of this class page.

Home Learning – Week 15

(06.07.2020 - 12.07.2020)


In addition to the home learning activities included below, Year 4 children already have a range of age appropriate times table and spelling activities in the booklets that they have previously been provided with. Other resources and useful websites can be accessed using the useful links at the bottom of this page.


Home learning packs can now be collected from school weekly, see the date and time that you can collect these each week on our school Facebook page.


If there is any thing you need to ask me or if you would like to share what you have been getting up to, then send me an email. (Email address can be seen above.)

Sports Week!


This week would normally have been School Sports Week in school, and this year we have made arrangements for this to happen at home with the first Virtual Sports Week.


Take a look at the following Virtual Sports Week document that I have put together, complete 2 activities each day this week and send me you pictures and videos throughout the week. This document and record/score sheets can be downloaded here, it can also be found in the 'Sports Zone' section of our website under the 'Learning' tab and you can also pick up a printed copy in McCalls from 10am on Monday morning.


We will be awarding a prize to the person in each class who scores the most points, as well as awarding the 'Sports Day Cup' to the class who scores the most points altogether. So come on Year 4 lets all get involved!


I look forward to seeing you all getting active and getting involved. Don't forget to take a picture of yourself with your score/record sheet and send it to me on Friday.


Have fun!  


Summer Reading Challenge in Cumbria’s libraries



The Summer Reading Challenge is an annual event in Cumbria County Council’s libraries over the school summer holidays. Aimed at 4 – 11 year olds, children are encouraged to read six (or more) books of their choice during the summer holidays, with collectable incentives and rewards, plus a certificate for every child who completes the Challenge.


This year, with the disruption caused by Covid-19 and the impact of social distancing on schools and public libraries, an all-new digital  Summer Reading Challenge is launching, earlier than usual, to keep children reading over the summer and to support parents and carers with children at home.


Launching on 15th June, and running until September, the theme for the 2020 Challenge is “Silly Squad” – a celebration of funny books, happiness and laughter.


The Challenge website ( is free to access and is a place for children to rate and review their books and work towards their reading goal. It will also feature video content, games, quizzes, and digital and downloadable activities to incentivise and encourage children and their families to take part in the Challenge at home.


The library service’s BorrowBox platform offers families a wide range of children’s ebook and eaudiobook titles to support the challenge and these are FREE to download for library members. Anyone who is not a member of the library can join for free, and get instant access to the library service’s online resources.


Free downloadable ebooks and eaudiobooks:


Free instant membership:


Free Summer Reading Challenge website:


Education City – English, Maths and Science Activities


All children have login details for Education City. There are several English (SPaG,) Maths and Science activities that have been assigned for children to complete, this can be found in the ‘Classwork’ section (Year 4 Home Learning – wc. 06.07.20.) Children to work through these activities during the week. Children can also access other activities for subjects including computing using Education city.


Classwork –

English – Pronouns.


Maths – Multiplication and division.


Science – Particles, shape and volume, boiling point.


Maths – Properties of Shapes (Mathletics)


Children to log on to Mathletics using the login that they already have. Several online activities involving ‘Properties of Shapes’ (areas that have been studied in school previously,) have been assigned for children to work through and complete this week. Children must complete each section once started, but do not have to do these all at once (spread these out across each day of the week.)

Times Table Rock Stars

Log on to Times Table Rock Stars regularly throughout this week to continue practicing your times tables, developing your confidence and rapid recall. Also help to contribute towards our whole school average. Good luck!

White Rose Maths – Home Learning Year 4

Home Learning – Week 11 – Angles and Shape (wc. 6th July 2020)


Using the website above access the White Rose Maths home learning resources for Year 4 (Week 11 – Angles and Shape – from wc. 06.07.20.) Watch the video clips for each lesson in turn and complete the corresponding activities found in the documents uploaded below. (Complete one lesson per day, these activities can be printed or worked out on a separate piece of paper and will be in this week’s home learning pack)


Lesson 1:- Identifying angles.


Lesson 2:- Compare and order angles.


Lesson 3:- Triangles.


Lesson 4: - Quadrilaterals.


Friday Maths Challenge: – Use website to link to BBC Bitesize activity.


Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (SPaG)

How to use the suffix – ous.


Use the link above to access the resources for this activity, watch the video clip, then read through the information and complete all activities.


Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (SPaG)

What is a pronoun?


Use the link above to access the resources for this activity, watch the video clip, then read through the information and complete all activities.

English (Writing) – The Mysterious Door.

Using the image below complete the following activities. Use your imagination, exciting vocabulary and punctuation to help you complete your own story.


Activity 1 - Question time!

What will emerge from the tiny door?


How will the boy react to seeing it emerge?


‘The Borrowers’ is a book by Mary Norton about little people called ‘Borrowers’ who borrow things from people’s houses. What do you think the difference is between borrowing and stealing? Have you ever borrowed something, but then forgotten to give it back? Is that stealing?


If we borrow every single book from a library, is that borrowing? Is it still a library?


If I ask you if I can steal your pencil case and you say yes, is that stealing?



Activity 2 - Sentence challenge!

Can you use relative clauses to add extra information to a sentence using who, which, where, when, whose or that?


E.g. He could see the mysterious door at the bottom of the garden, which had troubled him for so long.


The young boy, who had been sitting there all morning, was delighted when the door began to open.


The tiny creature, whose eyes were the size of peas, emerged from the stone door.


Complete the following sentence by adding a relative clause.

          The door, which___________, creaked slowly open.


Activity 3 - Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need your help to get better. Can you help?


The boy lay in the grass.

He looked at the door.

It opened.

He gasped.


Activity 4 - Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of what will emerge from the tiny door?


Activity 5 - Story starter!

On a quiet day, you can sometimes hear them. Every now and then, there’s be a tapping or a scraping or a rustling from behind the door. Occasionally (if you’re patient enough to sit for the whole day and watch), movement can be glimpsed through the dark windows. Once, just once, the faint sound of whispering in hushed tones was heard.


The boy had spent his entire summer holidays wishing for something to emerge from the mysterious door. He had spent yet another sunny morning hiding in the tall grass at the bottom of his garden just staring at the door, hoping to catch a glimpse of something or someone extraordinary.


The moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived…The door began to slowly creak open…


 (Continue this story…)








Reading Comprehension – The Wimbledon Championship

We would currently be entering the second week of The Wimbledon Championships in normal times. Read through the following information and answer the following using full sentences.


(Wimbledon text, related questions and answers can be seen in 'Home Learning -Week 15' document below.)


Reading Comprehension Questions: Answer using full sentences.


Science 1 – What is a balanced diet?


Use the link above, watch the video clip about a balanced diet, read through the information and complete the activities.


Science 2 – What are medicines and drugs?


Use the link above, watch the video clip about medicines and drugs, read through the information and complete the activities.


Art – Mindfulness Doodling


Draw a number of over lapping circles on a piece of plain paper or print this page by downloading the documents below. Colour each or the sections with different colours and patterns, use only one colour for each section and be creative. Play some calming music in that background to help you relax while completing this task.


Download the ‘Duolingo’ app to your device and learn Spanish daily.


Duolingo (Language Learning) App

If children are enjoying learning Spanish, you can download the ‘Duolingo’ app, free from the app store and learn Spanish daily on any tablet or mobile device. Enjoy!

Picture News

Picture News (6th July - 12th July) - First Impressions.

Explore the Picture News and resources shown in the images below and visit the recommended weblinks, before having a go at completing the home learning activities which are linked to this. (These can be printed if you wish to.)

Useful Links

Picture News (First Impressions) - Home Learning Activities

(Word Document and PDF versions of activities below. These resources are printable if you wish to do so.)

Picture News Special

Picture News - Lockdown Reflection.

Explore the Picture News and resources shown in the images below and visit the recommended weblinks, before having a go at completing the home learning activities (challenges) which are linked to this. (These can be printed if you wish to.)

Picture News Challenges! (Activities)


Challenge 1: Lockdown Rollercoaster - Use the timeline resource to show your emotions throughout your lockdown experience.

Challenge 2: Lockdown Record - Think about your lockdown experience, use the writing proforma to write about what this period has taught you about yourself.
Home Learning Activity Documents

Sport and Fitness Activities at Home

Keeping Active! Keeping Healthy!

Wright Sports Services/Chance Camp - Home Workout Booklet

Additional Useful Resources and Links

My Covid-19 Times Capsule Booklet

The Anti-Baddies - Resilience Toolkit