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At Distington Community School we work to honour and respect the Sporting Spirit Values.

Do you want to find out more information about the Sainsbury's School Games? Pease explore the following link:

We are proud to announce that we have achieved the School Games 'Gold award' for the third consecutive year.

Distington Community School

Sports Zone




Keeping everyone active at home...

Virtual Sports Week!


The first ever Distington Community School Virtual Sports Week will take place between Monday 6th July and Friday 10th July. Please have take a look at the following activity guide to find out what you need to do. The booklet includes 10 activities, we would like children to complete 2 different activities each day and complete their own individual record sheet (record sheet uploaded below.) 


These activities are fun and easy to complete at home, the whole family can get involved and have a go. We would like you to take videos and pictures of children completing these activities and then send them to the children's class teacher throughout the week - sending a picture of them with their record/score sheet onFfriday.


We will be awarding prizes to the highest scoring member of each class, also each classes total score will be added together to see which class will win the sports day cup for 2020. So the children will need participate to help their class win the cup. 


You can download the complete activity booklet and additional record/score sheets below, they will also be added to each classes web page. But if you would prefer a printed copy, then you can collect one per family from McCall's after 10am on Monday 6th July. There will also be multiple record/score available for you to collect if you require more than one. 


Have fun!

Active March Calendar


Are you up for a the challenge? Complete these daily physical activity challenges during the month of March, can you achieve gold?


School Sports and PE funding information (2018 -2019)

Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sports Premium document:

Sports Funding Report - School document:

Curriculum Details

At Distington Community School we have an enthusiastic and motivated staff who work hard to provide all children with many opportunities to engage with and experience in a wide range of different sports. We use the Suffolk PE scheme to support the teaching and learning within PE and sport throughout school. In addition to this, children are encouraged to engage with PE lessons through the teachers use of higher order questioning, used to lead and develop skill progression.  


All children receive 2 hours of timetabled curriculum PE per week. For whole school curriculum coverage see the PE Curriculum Map above.


Sporting Provision

Our children have many opportunities throughout the school year to be involved in a number of different 'Intra' and 'Inter School' school competitions. These include: Netball, Dodgeball, Sports Hall Athletics, Hockey, Multi-skills, Kwik Cricket, Kinder Cricket, Swimming (Small School Gala), Tennis and Football.

Workington Competition Calendar (2018 - 2019):

Inter-school (Level 2) competitions below.

School Swimming 

At Distington Community School we place a high level of importance on children been able to swim confidently before the move on to Secondary School.  All the children in Years 3 to 6 receive a minimum of 10 swimming sessions per school year.

In addition to the swimming sessions outlined above, this year the children in Years 3 to 6 will receive an additional 5 sessions. Our Year 2 children will also receive the equivalent to 15 sessions. Year 6 will also have 6 additional catch up swimming sessions as well as an extended water safety session in the Summer Term.

All swimming sessions now take place at the new Leisure Centre in Workington. 


For Year 6 (2018 - 2019) cohort Swimming Data, see link below:  

PE and Sport - Key Aims 2018-19

Our key sporting aims, that we are working to achieve throughout this year are: 

1.) To develop teaching within PE lesson, placing emphasis on the questioning of children to lead and develop PE lessons.

2.) To continue to provide a range of different sporting opportunities for children to engage with a number of different sports.

3.) To develop children’s understanding of how to lead a healthy and well balanced life style. Including healthy eating and the need for regular exercise.  

4.) To ensure that all children are confident swimmers and that they are aware of the dangers of swimming.


Sports Crew

A number of children from Year 5 and 6 are part of our School Sports Crew. Their role has involves them having regular meetings about the sporting opportunities that have been offered to all children in our school, leading small activities when supporting School Sports leaders and sharing the view of their peers with the wider school community. (These children are also part of our school council.) They have also made many suggestions with regards to the types of sporting activities focused on within PE lessons and have suggested some ideas for after school clubs that they think should be offered.

The children have also taken on some of the responsibility for organising and taking care of sports equipment. They have also been involved in leading some activities for small groups. 




School Sports Leaders 

A number of the children in Years 5 and 6 are currently being trained to become school sports leaders. These sessions are being delivered at the beginning of the school year and additional training will be given within PE lessons throughout the school year. These sessions will be delivered through the initial use of trained sports coaches and further input from class teachers within PE lessons periodically across the school year.

The children started by identifying and exploring the attributes that it takes to be a good sports leader, before planning some small group activities and delivering these to some small groups of children. Once the training was finished the children were then put onto a rota and timetabled to lead some small games style activities out on the playground at lunch time, as well as supporting the Sports Crew.