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School Sports Leaders


All of our Year 4, 5 and 6 children have been trained to become school sports leaders and a number of our more confident leaders have begun to lead activities on the playground during break and lunch time. These children are responsible for, leading small games and activities for their peers, particularly those younger than themselves; as well as, demonstrating how to play sensible games appropriately and look after all of the equipment. 


These sessions have been delivered by a sports coach, who has been working with use regularly, throughout the school year. Children are also encouraged to use their leadership skills regularly within PE lessons to support children, who may be less confident. Additional training from the class teacher and visiting coach aims to continue supporting the children to develop their leadership skills. The children began by identifying and exploring the attributes that it takes to be a good sports leader, before planning some small group activities and delivering these to some small groups of children.


Once the training was finished, the children have been placed on a rota to lead some small games activities out on the playground at break and lunch times. This further promotes increased physical activity and supports the aims of our 'Sports Crew.'