School Council

Welcome to the new school year 2016/17

We began our new school year by voting for our class representatives. Each child has the opportunity to become a school council representative for their school year group. They do this by letting their peers know why they would make a good school councillor (some of the reasons are really interesting!!) The children then vote for who they want to be their representative. The older children organise the voting process very well and as usual voting day went smoothly.

This years School councillor's 


Willow James and Jayden Wilson

Year One

Lexie Scowcroft and Travis Carini

Year Two

Cara Hopson and Tyler Austin

Year Three

Ocea-Blu Hewer and Theo Parkin

Year Four

Ellie Walker and Logan McCambridge

Year Five

Kaci-Jai Quinn and Preston Keeler

Year six

Kyle Ellis and Macey Hewer

Chair Person - Alfie Penaluna. Vice Chair - Jaiden Hewer.  Secretary - Millie Brown.

 Treasurers - Sophie McDowell and Noja Sieja 

The Councillors have spoken to their classes, and as a whole school it was decided that one of our aims is to re-vamp the school yard. This is obviously an on going project and will take some time to complete. So far we have began painting the yard (we had an extremely kind grandparent who painted the outside of the wooden fence and the goal posts.) We have bought new football nets and had a new basketball post installed.

Another project is to supply each Key Stage with a "Wet playtime box" full of games which the children can play with when it rains. Any second hand games in good condition would be very much appreciated.

We have been fundraising and so far we have raised just over £180!!

Thank you if you sent a contribution to our school council Christmas Hamper we raised £21 through ticket sales.


Update on our "Wet Playtime" boxes

Our School Council are very proud to announce that each Classroom now have their own "Wet Playtime" box. We are extremely delighted to tell you that our children, with a donation from the PTA and Miss Parry (Chair of Governors), managed to raise enough money to give each class £100 for games. The "Wet Playtime" boxes are so successful that the children cheer when they have to stay in for wet playtimes and dinnertimes!!! Needless to say they are thoroughly enjoying playing with them.

Thank you for your support.

Easter Fayre

We held a meeting of the School Council today, the children discussed ideas on  having a stall at our Easter Fayre, which will be held on Thursday 6th April. The Councillors voted and decided to have a " Balancing Lemon Challenge" stall! We hope you are able to support this event. We all look forward to seeing you there.


School Car Park Protest

After concerns raised by our children the School Council organised a safe parking protest. On Friday 5th February our School Council held a protest in our school car park. The aim was to raise awareness of safe parking in order to ensure the safety of ALL our children at Distington Community School. The School Council shared information with parents about how to keep children safe. A big thank you to the majority of parents who supported their protest this morning and parked safely. The children would appreciate your continued support regarding safer parking.