Coming soon... Kingswood residential.

'We aspire, we work, we enjoy.'

*Under the new Ofsted regulations, which makes it harder for a school to achieve a good, we are deemed a good school*

Achievement of pupils - Good

Quality of teaching - Good

Behaviour and safety of pupils - Good

Leadership and management - Good

Congratulations to Year Reception, Year 2 and Year 6 for winning the Golden Tickets, for achieving the highest attendence, this week.

YR - 100%

Y1 - 98.4%

Y2 - 100%

Y3 - 97.3%

Y4 - 97.5%

Y5 - 98.3%

Y6 - 100%

Certificate Awards

YR - Ellie Hewer

Y1 - Millie Kirk

Y2 - Bailey Worthington

Y3/4 - Jack Burns

Y5 - Danny Ellis

Y6 - Holly Beardmore


Star Worker Awards

YR -

Y1 - Dane Gallagher

Y2 - Molly Dryden

Y3/4 - Macey Hewer

Y5 - Lindsy Sibbald

Y6 - Cian Bartholomew

Certificate award winners and Star worker award winners can have a non-school uniform day on Friday.