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Year 6

Welcome to the YEAR 6 class page!

We are a class of 16 children - 11 boys and 5 girls. Our teachers are Mrs Sanderson and Mrs Norman. Our page is full of useful information plus pictures of activities we have been doing and even examples of our work, so make sure you check regularly for any updates!

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Important class information...


PE days -  PE sessions in school will take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday. All children will need full PE kit including appropriate footwear.


Homework - Times table and spelling homework will be given out on a Friday and will need to be brought back into school for testing on a Thursday morning. Children should practice these nightly.


Reading - all children should read nightly and have their reading records signed by an adult.


SATS homework - practice SATS papers and revision homework will be given out nightly in the run up to SATS. Please make sure you child completes their homeowork and returns it to school. Children should also schedule 'revision' time where the use revision books and website to refresh their minds and work on areas of weakness.


Dates for your diary (specific to Year 6)...

WB 14th May - SATS week.

WB 28th May - half term.


WB 4th June - Edinburgh residential (5th - 8th).


Thursday 12th July - KS2 performance of Bugsy Malone.

Wednesday 18th July - Year 6 leavers assembly.

Thursday 19th July - summer fayre.

Friday 20th July - last day of term before the summer holidays.



KS2 SATs were overhauled to be in line with the new national curriculum in May 2016. In the summer term of 2016, children in Year 2 and Year 6 were the first to take the new SATs papers. The new-style SATs for English and maths reflect the new national curriculum, and are more rigorous than previous years’ tests. There is also a completely new SATs marking scheme and grading system which has replaced national curriculum levels.

At the end of Year 6, children sit tests in:

  • Reading
  • Maths
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar 
  • These tests are both set and marked externally, and the results are used to measure the school’s performance (for example, through reporting to Ofsted and published league tables). Your child’s marks will be used in conjunction with teacher assessment to give a broader picture of their attainment.


  • The key stage 2 tests are timetabled from Monday 14 May to Thursday 17 May 2018.
  • Please ensure no holidays are booked during this time! 

SATS preparation


To ensure your child is ready to take the KS2 SATS tests we will be doing a number of revision sessions in school as well as SATS lessons. These sessions will aim to introduce your child to the style of questions and the experience of sitting these tests. Our main aim if that your child feels relaxed and is able to complete the test to the best of their ability. We will also be introducing spiritual sessions into our lessons - these will give children first hand experience of using proven techniques to manage and reduce stress if this may arise.


After school Booster clubs will begin after Christmas and will be objective specific - meaning not all children will be required to attend every session (you will be notified about which sessions your child should attend nearer the time).


Their are also a number of websites you can use to help with revision at home, including:



The English area of the Bitesize website is packed with activities and questions 
to help you prepare for the National Tests in English. 

These revision pages have been put together by Woodlands Junior School to 
help students with their revision. 

Skillswise aims to help adults improve their reading, writing and maths skills. It 
is targeted at Level 1 of the adult Basic Skills Literacy & Numeracy 
Curriculums for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

You might like to try some spelling practise on this BBC spelling site

and this site too. For spelling practice, Ambleside Primary offer an automated Look, Cover, Write, Check word bank. Really useful for brushing up on Key Stage 2 spellings.



Get your head around addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Take a 
visit to Gere's Bike Shop and help them read their graphs and charts. Practise 
working out the mode, median and mean for a set of numbers. Take a look at 
time, mass and capacity. Investigate the properties of different shapes. Get your 
brain ticking with some mental maths questions. 

A daily practise to keep those brain cells sharp

Practise your tables with the games and activities on this fun site.

Skillswise aims to help adults improve their reading, writing and maths skills. It 
is targeted at Level 1 of the adult Basic Skills Literacy & Numeracy 
Curriculums for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Woodlands Junior School has several fun online interactive activities to help 
not only improve your mental maths skills, but also to help you with SATs 
Revision too!


Autumn Term

We have had a busy start to the year.The children have thoroughly enjoyed the activities which they have been doing, below is some pictures of us in one of our SMSC lessons building our team work skills and also in one of our computer sessions learning all about algorithms and creating our own music. 



In the second half of the autumn term we have been learning about the Victorians and the difference in schools from then and the schools we have now. We got more knowledge out of this topic when we also visited the Beamish musuem and we gained valuable knowledge from this visit.

Spring Term

In the first half of our spring term, we have been looking at Extreme Earth factors which can affect the Earth and cause major disruption and damage both to the environment and also us ourselves. An example we have been looking at is Storm Desmond in 2015, This had a lot of effect on the whole of Cumbria and hit towns and villages all over Cumbria leaving people homeless. We are writing up a newspaper report on Storm Desmond and including a lot of facts which happened both before and after the storm. As well as that, we are also going to be emailing the mayor about receiving plastic recycling boxes and this is going to try and encourage others to recycle plastic just like we do with paper.

Summer Term

As the countdown to our SATS continue, the children are still working extremely hard for their preparation. We have been learning more about ratio and the children made their very own ratio mocktails. The children had to understand the concept of the ratio which was given to them an then had to use both water and juice for the mocktails. The children agreed that this was a positive way of gaining more knowledge about ratio. Here are a few pictures of the children making their mocktails.