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Year 5

Year 5


This year there are 17 children in Year 5, (10 boys and 7 girls.) All of our children have settled back into school life really well and are continuing to work extremely hard. The 'adults' in Year 5 this year are Mr Bragg and Mrs Crichton.


So far this year the children have been entertained by the delights of the famous children's author David through our work around his very entertaining story 'Gangsta Granny.' Children have also enjoyed reading the novel 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. They have particularly been gripped by its many twist and turns and have loved piecing together the different pieces of information to slowly revelled the mystery behind the events that have occurred at 'Camp Green Lake.' The children have also been leaning about the spread of the Roman Empire and the impact that the Romans have had on the world around them today.


During the Summer Term, children are going to continue to work with Prism Arts to explore the history of Sellafield and the local area as part of their work looking at John Dalton. In addition to this, children in Year 5 are going to exploring the importance of the Tropical Rainforest with particular reference to South America with specific reference to Brazil.

Picture 1 Year 5 Class Picture - September 2017

Information for parents


During the first part of the Summer Term Year 5  will be having PE on Tuesday and Thursday. The focus for PE this term in Dance and Kwik Cricket.

However, there are a couple of exceptions to this as the children will attend a 1 off swimming (water safety) session on Monday 16th April. They will also have the final part of their Sports Leader Training on Friday 27th April, children will need to make sure that they have the appropriate PE kits with them on these dates.  



Homework will be sent home every Wednesday and is to be returned to children on Thursday with new homework following marking and/or testing.



Reading books will be sent home everyday and it is expected that every child reads at least five times per week at home. It is expected that parents take time to read with their children and question them about their understanding of what they have read. Parents will then need to sign their child's Reading Record and return to school each day.


We are working hard to promote the Strive for 5 initiative!

Autumn Term

Computing and Coding

The children in Year 5 were lucky to be involved in a 2 day computing - Coding Workshop. The worked alongside members of the Haltwhistle Film Company. The children were shown how to set up their own computer from scratch so that they were ready to use the Raspberry Pi and its software. The children then went on to use the Sonic Pi programme to create their own music, before working in small groups to apply the coding knowledge they had learnt to program a car so that it would move into a designated red square marked on the carpet.

Making Soup and Bread

As part of our work in Science looking at what makes a healthy and well-balanced diet along with finding out that Granny likes to make Cabbage Soup in our class book 'Gangsta Granny,' some of the class made vegetable soup and some of the class made cabbage soup. We also made bread to go with the soup, before tasting! It was delicious, the cabbage soup was not too bad either.

Spring Term

Learning about the Romans

In year 5, we have been learning about the Roman times and what their life was like back then compared to our lives now. In school, we have been designing our very own Roman Mosaic's. We originally designed our mosaic's on a piece of paper and then we used our very own tiles to design and make our mosaic patterns. For our school trip, we visited the Roman Army Museum and Vindolanda to gain more knowledge about the Romans. The children really enjoyed the trip and they gained a lot more knowledge about the Romans. Here are some pictures of the children's trip.
We thought that we were experts at making out Mosaic tiles.

Summer Term

On Thursday 19th April, Year 5 children visited Workington Magistrates Court, to learn about the role of the court in upholding the laws of the British Isles. We also took part in and acted out a mock trial centred around a case of cyber-bullying, which is something we have recently looked at in our Computing sessions. We arrived promptly at 9:15am, where we were taken into one of the court rooms. Two magistrates, Charlotte and Doug told us some information about the role of the courts, before we were allowed to go down to see what the cells were like. When we returned to the court room we were given parts and worked together as a class to act out a piece of drama, which was about a cyber-bullying case.