Extended Services

Extended Services


After School Clubs - Summer Term


Dance Club Y2-Y6 (3.20-4.00)

Rugby Club Y2 - Y6 (3.20-4.00)



No Clubs



Story Club Rec-Y2 (3.20-4.00)

Cricket Club Rec-Y6 (3:20-4:00)



KS1 Football Club Y1-Y2 (3:20-4:00)



KS2 Girls Football Club (3:20-4:00)

KS2 Boys Football Club (3.20-4.00)



Family Learning

We now offer Family Learning opportunities at the school. This is provided by Barnados and the Adult Learning services.


In the Autumn term we have offered a 'Phonics' course, which has been a great success. The parents and Grandparents have been able to look at how Phonics is delivered and work alongside their children to gain a better understanding of Phonics and how to apply it.


More Family Learning courses are being planned throughout the year.

Keep watching for more updates!



We began our story club this half term in our "Story Wigwam". The children were very excited at the prospect of sitting in our wigwam. Our first story was "The Monkey Puzzle" by Julia Donaldson. We discussed lots of different things about the book before we even began reading, our children are very knowledgeable of books and loved joining in and sharing their thoughts. During the story, as each character was introduced, the children held the characters and acted out the part of the story we had just read. After we had finished the story we sang some action rhymes and pretended to be "speckled frogs".It's fair to say the children had an amazing time.